Why Build Now

It's Personal!...

We take the privilege of building you new home very seriously! We understand that building your new home is important, that it’s a valuable asset, and that decisions and choices made today will last for a long time. We aren’t driven by numbers and don’t look at building as being driven by volume and sales targets. We look at it as a personal experience and respect our influence to help you make decisions.

We offer to each of our customer’s direct access to our director  who actively works within the business. Our Build Now vision is clear, that our business is to be built on quality, honesty and value for money. This is immediately evident when you visit us we don’t use ridiculously cheap starting prices or gimmicks to attract you to our company. Our starting prices are realistic and our estimates for additional site works are also realistic. Our  homes are built by the same tradespeople who will be building your new home, so what you see is a true reflection of our building quality!

If you’re looking for a personal experience, one where you get help when you need it, advice when you want it and someone who listens and understands your needs, then the personal experience is why you should trust building your new home with Build Now.